Marriage is a tricky business that why most of the couples don’t get to the end and prefer to terminate their relationship by hiring a divorce lawyer perth. Some lightheaded souls rush themselves into it and then rush out because they don’t know how to keep their partner on the same ground on equal terms. You may need thousands of the qualities and skills to keep a marriage day-and-night but only one to tear it apart. Let’s find out the most common reasons for a marriage failure.

Lack of Communication

The topmost reason for a marriage falling apart is the lack of communication between the two partners. It is the foundation of a strong bond two people have in a marriage. From simply sharing how their day went through to serious matters like dealing with finance and one’s share in the house on monthly basis or how to parent the kids, everything requires a calm and mindful converse with each other. Lack of it may lead to serious misunderstandings and eventually a broken relationship.

When spouses become Virtual strangers

If you think that a third person or a foreign ground becomes the reason for a failed marriage, you are less than 50% right. Most of the time, it’s the two people in a relationship are the reason for its failure. Again, most of us believe that the lack of sexual intimacy torn apart a home but it’s the feeling of belonging towards each other that breaks a marriage. A goodbye kiss in the morning, a welcome hug in the evening, the long hugs to assure each other’s presence, or simply holding hands boosts the level of intimacy. These non-sexual gestures are as important as the sexual ones and the absence of them can lead to drastic measures.

Expectations – A downward spiral

You are responsible for your happiness. No one asked you to lose your identity in the fondness of coupledom. No one wanted you to draw a blank over your personality to play the roles of a marriage, motherhood, or fatherhood demands. If unhappiness comes your way, your partner is not responsible to avert it for them. You may ask, they may oblige but they may not. Your happiness is your deal. Expecting a lot from the spouses and offering little is a distasteful recipe in a relationship, leading to an ultimate bust.

Unforgiving Nature

How to deal with any problem that comes the way in a marriage? The first and the foremost things, both partners need to tackle the issue not each other. And they are one team not against each other. Marriage is a very complicated relationship, there are arguments, resentments, and whatnot. If you both partners are flexible in their dealings with each other. This complex relationship can be simplified. Some partners discuss matters about parenting their kids or how to spend or save money but to deal with any unforeseen circumstances requires a flexible and forgiving attitude towards the problem and each other. The rigidity would eventually kill a relation.


An extramarital affair whether physical or emotional nature is a red flag for a happy marriage. Starting with innocuous friendships, having the emotional touch and the next thing you know it’s leading to a physical affair. There could be many reasons for infidelity, firstly, lack of intimacy between partners, secondly, dislike or resentment towards each other, thirdly, lack of commitment, or if one entered into a marriage having all the wrong reasons, such as money or fame.